Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Come Back!

My oldest son (26), his lovely wife, and my two grandsons are moving back in with me for the next two and half years while my son goes to nursing school. My son has been building a wall to separate off a section of my home into a small apartment for their family, including a sitting room two bedrooms and a bath with a common kitchen that we all will share between the two sections of the house. My younger son (18), and I will have the other half of the house. My middle child, my daughter (24) is living in Australia until August and she is now displaced from her childhood room. I sympathize with her protests from the other side of the world but when you spend your life jet setting around the world, you can't expect mom to keep a shrine to you at home should you decide to drop in once in a while. Love you Kimberly!!

The house has been full of dust and noise and toys strewn about. My quiet life has turned upside down, I am preparing myself for things to get hectic, I will have to learn to meditate, pray for patience and put a lock on my bedroom door. But having said that, really I am so grateful to have this opportunity to spend this time with them and that I have a home we can share. I know that during this time together we can make some great memories. I get to spend precious time with my beautiful grandsons and share my love of animals and growing things with them.

The picture is the partially built wall, my son had most of it completed in one day, I had no idea he was a such a good carpenter, he knew exactly what he was going to do and in a matter of hours he had a solid structure up. I will post the finished wall later.

Welcome home kids, the door is always open.

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