Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little bit here and there all adds up.

Homesteading is my first love and I am passionate about living a more self sufficient life but I still depend on modern conveniences for a great deal of my daily needs.Having said that, as part of my money makeover 2010, I decided to revisit the and commit to serious couponing as part of my overall efforts to save money on perishable items. Today I shopped CVS using the coupons as recommended and walked out of the store with $35.00 worth of toiletries and cleaning items for $9.00.
Not a bed start. I am very careful not to buy items that I don't need just because they are cheap. My goal is to cut back on the number of hours I need to work to make ends meet by becoming a great deal more conscientious of where the money I make actually goes. It's funny how I have come to realize the value in my grandmothers advice that all those pennies add up. I used to just think it was a waste of time to focus on a few cents here and there, too bad I waited until my forties to finally realize how right she was. I have gotten into the habit of routinely refilling water bottles with filtered water for 25 cents a gallon (our water is full of iron) saving at least 60 cents a gallon if not more.

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