Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

Thank you Granny from "Grannys Garden" at:

for the Sunshine award.

I have to thank Granny for passing this award along to me and for her support of my blog since it's very beginning. Even though she is on the other side of the world she has loves the same things I do, chickens, gardening, finding treasures in unexpected places and a simple daily appreciation for life. Thank you Granny!!

To continue spreading the sunshine I must pass the award along to 12 blogger who brighten my day, they are:

Carmen at:

Barbara at:

Deb at:

Misha at:

Lisa at:

Texan at:

Author name unknown but I am a big fan of :

Twistie at:

Melodie at:

Pam at:

Sherri at:

And lastly another favorite blogger whose name I do not know :