Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Circle of Friends Award- My first Blog Award!

Debbie at gave me this Circle of Friends Award. I have to say a few words about Debbie, she was one of my very first followers and such a wonderful supporter of my blog, her friendship and the other followers who came to my site through her have become invaluable sources of inspiration and information to me. I have come to enjoy the give and take the daily ups and downs that we all share more then I ever imagined. Thank you Debbie!!

Debbie awarded some of my favorite bloggers already so I will pass it along to some of my other favorite blog authors.

This award is given to blogs that bring a smile to your face, or just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So to continue the tradition I award this Circle of Friends award to:

Brenda at:, I have learned so much about goat care from this blog I constantly use it as a reference now. Thank you Brenda for all of the great advice.

Feral Female (don't know her real name it's a mystery): her blog cracks me up, she has an offbeat no nonsense sense of humor that I love.

Jaz at Octoberfarm:, this blog is visually stunning and I am in awe of her cooking talents and her appreciation for the beauty and bounty of mother nature.

Melodie from: , I find a kindred spirit in the day in and day out happenings at this blog. I am in love with her little goat Murray and I loved her post about living with a home schooled son.

Michell at: This blog is real a girly girl blog and I love the retro feel of the blog, the graphics and the music and the ins and outs of her life always perk me up. I feel like I spent time with a good girlfriend after I pop in. She reminds me of a much younger me in another life ,back in California.

Jayme at: This is a blog I only recently found and have been enjoying her quest to get back to basics.

I forgot how many people I am allowed to pass the award on to. There are so many blogs that I follow each with a unique and different message, I learn something new everyday.

Thank you all for making my little escapes from reality so interesting and diverse.

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