Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coffee Anyone??

I finally took a minute to take a picture of my vintage coffee grinder and thrift store coffee percolator. When I stop and ask myself what would I really miss if there were no electricity I think of coffee. I know for now I am dependant on coffee beans that are shipped from from South America but I did find coffee bean plants for sale on eBay and Amazon for around $8.00.

I found a link to the University of Florida's Ag site and they say that coffee can be grown in Florida or as a potted plant. Anyone out there ever grown coffee? I will have to do a lot more research so see if it is even remotely realistic to think about on a small scale but it might be fun to try. I had to laugh the other day I was watching the show "100 Mile Diet " or something like that and the families all complained that the most difficult thing to give up was coffee.

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