Monday, December 28, 2009

Year End Thoughts

As I begin a new year I want to reflect on what I have accomplished in the past year and where I hope to go in the coming year. This past year I finally began to take steps toward having the homestead I have always envisioned. I searched out and purchased two milk goats who are possibly pregnant, nine fat hens who are laying an abundance of eggs and a pair of piggies who I hope will breed this spring. My gardening efforts did not yield much but I got the bug to build raised beds and start again this spring. In the coming year I would like to be much more conscientious of my spending while looking at everything I already have with a fresh eye.
On a professional level I changed jobs, and while the new job may not be where I would like to stay forever, I am grateful none the less for it and the new things I have learned while there. Additionally, I had a major surgery and came through healthy and free from a long term health issue that had robbed me of energy for years.
I have been so very inspired by all of the hard working amazing people I have followed as they blog about their lives.I hope to reflect back this time next year with a sense of satisfaction that I have simplified, consumed less and produced more from my little plot of land here in Florida. I have thought a lot about why we blog, why I blog, and why I find it so cathartic. I know I do it for myself, an online journal in a way to remind me of where I have come from but why do it in a public format? I know connecting with like minded people is one of the reasons, wanting to feel like my life and my efforts mean something may be another. I would love your input on this topic, why do you blog?

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