Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Making Soft Cheese

I have gotten in the habit of making at least one batch of easy soft goat cheese each week.
This easy method uses lemon juice to curdle the milk. If stored in an airtight container immediately the cheese retains a lot of whey making it soft and spreadable like cream cheese.
If left to hang in the cheese cloth longer you end up with a dryer batch that can be sliced or even crumbed like feta. I add spices to season the cheese according to my taste. I found the original directions at the website "Slugs on the Refrigerator". I would post the link but I can't seem to make copy and paste work inside the blog format. I hope to expand my cheese making adventures to Mozzarella and eventually hard cheeses too. . I figured it out, here is the link to that site.

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