Sunday, September 27, 2009

Live Stock Water Trough Garden

Since I usually work in excess of 48 hours a week there is not a lot of time for time intensive homestead chores so I am looking at ways to be self sufficient and grow my own vegetables that are not terribly time consuming.

With this thought in mind I decided to plant a small vegetable garden using the basic principles in square foot gardening in my unused horse trough. To do so I elevated it using some cinder blocks I had left over from another project, it already had holes drilled in the bottom from it's previous use as a baby duck brooder. In the bottom of the trough I had my son fill it with about 10 inches of pine needles and oak leaves raked out of my front yard.
On top of that he made another layer of about 10-12 inches with decomposed manure (horse and goat)that had been raked and aged for over a year. On top of that I dumped about 15 bags of generic topsoil that I got at Walmart for about $1.18 per bag. This made a nice bed ready for planting.

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