Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A funny thing happened on my way to work last week

Last Monday I was leaving my rural neighborhood and as I rounded a corner there in the middle of the road was this tiny little creature. At first I could hardly tell what it was but as I got closer I realized it was a very very tiny little piglet. I stopped and got out and picked the poor thing up. It still had a cord attached to it and it was weak and cold. I looked all around trying to find some sign of the mother pig or a nearby home that it could have come from, but there was nothing and the one home in the rural area had a padlocked gate and some angry barking dogs jumping at the fence so I was not about to try to go in there. I was already running late for work so I drove the baby back home and asked my wonderfully understanding daughter in law to run to Walmart to buy milk replacer and baby bottles to feed it. It has been one week of round the clock feedings ( just like any new baby), but I am happy to report that Hamilton ( the grandsons named him) is thriving. We are pretty certain he is a pot belly pig and from what we have learned they make wonderful pets so he is now a member of the family. Last night I bought him a litter box and have begun putting him in there after he eats, he is making progress. I need to get him on the scale but I would guess he weighs about a pound maybe a little less. Funny what comes along when you least expect it.

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